A person wearing denim in winter

Is Denim good for winter?

Wearing an ordinary denim jacket or denim cloth in the winter is not enough to keep you warm. Denim can neither retain enough heat nor keep you dry. Fortunately, for those denim lovers that can’t go without them, there is a way they can go around it. Put on an extra touch to your wardrobe or outfit and you good to good.

1.Wear flannel-lined Denim or Denim with wool in them.

Flannel-lined denim has a blanket-like (fleece material)  as the inner layer and the denim material covers the outer side of the cloth. This will keep you both warm and stylish. And those with wool in them that’s pretty obvious since we all know wool will definitely keep you warm.

Denim for winter


2. Wear the Denim under a coat.

Whether jeans, denim jackets, shirts, or dresses you can put a coat to cover to keep you warmer and yet looking slick. Make sure the coat is warm. Trench coats that a designed particularly for purposes of winter and cold conditions are a perfect fit. So still get to wear your Denim in the winter.


3. Buy more thick and heavier denim.

The more thick the denim  the better it is a retaining some heat. Denim weights do vary so its better to opt for a much heavier Denim during the cold seasons. Also it would take longer to get dump in case of extreme cold moisture.


4. Combine  your denim with boots and warm scarfs or snoods.

Combing these will keep you warm. One your feet are neck are very warm ofcourse the heat is pushed to other parts of the body.  You still get to rock those denims as you desire in the winter.