What is the history of Denim jackets?

Jean jackets, or what’s more frequently referred to as denim jackets, are a classic kind of outside wear that’s distinguished by an all-denim construction. It comprises the same traditional denim material which is used to make denim, which is why it’s referred to as a “jean jacket.” Denim jackets have been in existence for at least more than a century. So while they have gained their fair share of highs and lows, they have brought a brave comeback in previous years. One can now encounter men and women of various ages wearing denim jackets. Now, we are taking the clock back to look backward at the history of jeans jackets, showing how the classic jacket became synonymous with fashion and style.


Origins of the Denim/Jean Jacket

The denim jacket initially appeared around the conclusion of the 19th century. In the 1880s California, a fashion creator and entrepreneur known as Levi Strauss desired to create a new jacket that served both as comfortable and durable. Levi being a businessman, recognized the need for functional wear among corporate-class natives. There were few jackets and coats available at the time that industrious men and women might wear. The coats and jackets on hand, on the other hand, were frail, lacking the strength and durability needed to sustain repeated use. This prompted Strauss to use the same denim fabric that he had used in his pants to create jackets, opening the way for what would later be known as the denim jacket.


After creating the denim jacket, Strauss marketed his product to working-class citizens, including gold prospectors, railroad workers, farmers, cowboys, and coal miners. The denim jacket surpassed expectations in this manner due to its superb strength and durability. Jeans, which comprise a warp-faced style, can withstand significant stress and pressure. It’s not necessarily not affected to damage, however, it’s able to match up better than practically all the other textiles, both then and even today. As a result, many diligent men and women bought denim jackets.

The Rise of the Denim Jacket

Admiration for the denim jacket started to rise due to its inception. Late in the 1800s and early 1900s, there were a few different kinds of coats and jackets from which to choose. Unfortunately, many of these coats and jackets were made for official wear, not casual wear. And with a lot of people working heavy-duty jobs, the denim jacket was an attractive option. With its brave, durable construction, it could be worn for many hours by hardworking people without getting damage.


In the year 1953, Levi’s reinvented its previous Type one denim jacket into the Type two, which comprised two chest pockets and the loss of the back cinch. It had added bar tacks instead of rivets on the breast pockets and waist straps. Type three came along barely after in XX and then Levi’s most popular model. Also referred to as the “trucker jacket” it was distinguished by its tailored fit and pointed flaps on its front chest pockets. 


Made denim base, it also comprised orange in the place of yellow stitching. The look of the Type three jacket has barely changed for the past 100 years or so, however, there have been a few minimal changes to the designs, in the form of the “70505,” “71205,” and those “70518.” These involved alterations to the design, for instance, if the red tab reads “LEVI’S,’ then it’s a “Big E” jacket, referring to its dates from the ’50s to around 1971. If the red tab reads “Levi’s,” then the denim jacket is from 1972 or later, and is referred to as a “little e” jacket.


The Type three Denim Jacket

In the 1960s, Strauss let out a variation of his authentic denim jacket style. Referred to as the Type three or “trucker jacket,” it comprised a tapered design with hand pockets and bar tacks. The Type three denim jacket was sold as being the climax kind of casual outerwear. Strauss also said that he created the Type three jacket to govern all other jackets. It’s safe to say the Type three denim jacket was a success, as both diligent citizens and the common people started wearing them.

Denim Jackets Gain Publicity among Celebrities

From the 20th century, a lot of well-recognized actors, musicians, and entertainers started wearing denim jackets. For example, actors James Dean and singer John Lennon were often seen wearing denim jackets in public. This aided to put more light to the spotlight on Strauss’ invention, promoting newfound attention to denim jackets. More recently, other public figures have been caught wearing denim jackets. In an interview, singer and businessman Kanye West emphasized that he wears a denim jacket at least once every few days.

Recent Denim Jacket styles 

Ever since the denim jacket was first invented, numerous new styles have emerged. You can now discover that denim jackets are made of raw denim as well as washed denim, for instance. In case you are unfamiliar with these two fashions, raw denim also referred to as dry denim, refers to denim that’s not washed before it’s sold. In comparison, washed denim is washed before it’s sold.


It’s a subtle distinction that can influence the properties of a denim jacket. Jackets made of raw denim tend to have a darker tone since the dye hasn’t been leached out during the washing process. On the other hand, jackets made of washed denim are less likely to shrink and fade. Aside from these nuances, though, raw denim jackets and washed denim jackets are pretty much the same.

You’ll also find denim jackets available for sale today featuring different patterns of fading. Honeycomb is one of the most popular fading patterns in which denim jackets are made. This pattern looks like meshes of honeycombs that are contrasted by different tones of blue. Train tracks are a second fading pattern found in denim jackets. It looks like two vertical, parallel lines that run the length of the jacket.


Pondering About Purchasing a Denim Jacket? Here’s what you ought to Know

After knowing the background of the denim jacket, you are maybe eager to your hands (or body) on this classic form of outerwear. However, you must take a moment to choose the right design. As previously stated, there are now many styles of denim jackets. In the recent past, denim jackets were all made featuring the same basic design, but you cannot discover them in hundreds of various styles. So, how do you know which denim jacket is right for you?


While shopping for a denim jacket, much attention is paid to the color. Light blue is by far the most popular alternative. It shows the original color of denim, and it’s easy to match with other outfits, shoes, and accessories. A lot of men and women like a darker color, like indigo. With that said, you can find denim jackets in just about any color. Regardless of your style, there’s probably a denim jacket to match. 

Levi Strauss, the inventor of denim and the founder of Levi’s, created the first denim jacket in 1880. Strauss is credited with creating the first pair of jeans in 1870, as a sturdy, breathable utility garment for cowboys, railroad engineers, and miners during the California gold rush. Later, he presented the world a top to match the runaway perfection of jeans, dubbed the Triple Pleat Blouse.

Since then, Levi’s denim jacket has gained a reputation as an all-American rebel’s go-to outerwear due to its usefulness and inherent flair. “Denim has been related to juvenile delinquency since the 1950s,” Panek added. “Jeans were outlawed in some schools, and nonconformists’ preferred uniform was denim.”