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Are Denim Jackets warm?

If you have ever wondered if wearing denim jackets is functional to protect the heat, then we will not only talk about that but I will also talk about the material as such, we will give you a walk-through history so you can learn and familiarize yourself a little more with how the denim empire arose and how to use it in the different seasons of the year.

History of denim

Denim was originally produced in France, particularly in a city in the south of the country called Nimes, hence its name “denim” and then became popular in the United States thanks to the immigrant Levi Strauss who lived in California. It is a conventionally cotton fabric in which the threads have been intertwined in a certain way to create a robust and resistant arrangement. If you look in your closet for any of your garments made of this material and look closely, you will notice a distinctive pattern with thin rows with diagonal projection, thus creating a fabric that becomes the characteristic feature of denim. Its production is carried out in the following way:

  1. The cotton is harvested and collected
  2. The fiber is separated from the seeds
  3. The fiber is spun
  4. Dye the fabric with indigo blue
  5. Later take the thread and weave it on a loom

Obtaining the base material elaboration of the denim that can be, a jacket, a short, a pair of pants, or an overall, among others.

It is until the 50s that this garment began to become popular and spread among young people. At the end of the 70s, it became the democratic garment par excellence and that is how the jean began to be used by people of all social strata, genders, and races.
In general, they began to manufacture more designs, gaining considerable demand until they became a staple in our wardrobe. Today, to meet fashion demands, virgin cotton is often mixed with a minimum percentage of elastic synthetic fibers such as spandex or
nylon in order to make the garment more flexible, lighter and softer.

Denim as a garment as a universal garment

We have never seen denim go out of style, what goes out of style are the models that are made but it has never been the fabric as such, without a doubt it is such a neutral material that goes absolutely well with countless textiles that open the door for you to experiment and innovate.
Since then we know that denim jackets are a fashion classic and essential in our closets since it is a garments capable of adapting to any situation, in fact, the way you combine it will make the denim jacket look so sporty (with rubber shoes; jeans pants; mountain pass; plain flannel), casual (small but delicate sandals; floaty, loose colourful skirt, with ruffles and some print; plain white blouse or dress) or elegant (boots, leatherette and unicolour blouse) as you wish. Its versatility also allows it to be used in most seasons of the year. Believe it or not, depending on the style and how heavy the material with which the jackets are made, they are very wearable for autumn, spring, winter and even summer.

Are Denim Jackets Warm?

During the fall, the temperature begins to drop where the afternoons usually arrive accompanied by icy breezes, the leaves of the trees change their green color to their distinctive coppery tones that, when they dry, fall while dancing with the wind that blows with greater force. For this reason, denim jackets are ideal to wear more than anything at nightfall, it will keep you warm enough not to get cold and you will look perfect when you go out.
For winter, denim is a fairly heavy and dense material, so it does not have large pores to give way to the breeze, which makes the jacket a warm enough garment for this climate. In addition, there are variations in which they are lined inside, achieving get more protection from the cold, not to mention that it can also be combined with thick sweaters.
However, this material should not be underestimated since denim jackets are still a trend for summer, only now you must consider different factors, for example slightly thinner jeans, you can include rips where the breeze circulates, use the sleeves at elbow level, opt for a cut at the waist so that the garment goes from being heavy to lighter and combine it with a porous crop top to avoid unnecessary layers. Denim is undoubtedly the favourite material in the whole world. Which is why it is no longer a fancy fabric or ideal for rustic jobs, becoming a synonym for modernity and luxury.

In conclusion,

denim jacket does tend to be hot due to the material with which they are made, but even so, they can be used in different circumstances associated with the weather, it all depends on which garments you combine it with and with the type of denim that you are going to use.  For this reason, its versatility allows denim garments to be cooler to wear in hot seasons, whether you use them in jeans or skirts, there are light and fresh jackets that are a good option to protect you from the sun.
Denim may not be as light as linen or cotton, but its protection and freshness are worth it.