Denim is a firm, durable twilled fabric made of colored warp and white filling threads, usually cotton. It is a dark blue fabric commonly used to make durable work wear such as jeans and overalls.

It’s a sturdy cotton fabric having a twill weave that creates a refined diagonal ribbing pattern. In denim, the weft strands go under 2, or more strands, as well as the warp yarns, which seem to be more prominent on the very right side of the cotton twill cloth – which is warp-facing. Denim is distinguished from cotton duck and canvas, both of which are sturdy woven cotton fabrics, by the diagonal ribbing.



miners in denim

Where were jeans discovered?

Jeans are trousers made from denim or dungaree cloths, but denim is woven and then dyed, whereas dungaree is woven from coloured yarn. The name Jeans was derived from the city of Genoa, Italy, where cotton corduroy, known as jean or jeans, was produced and exported throughout Europe. By the time Strauss discovered denim jeans, …

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How to choose a denim jacket.

Depending on where you live especially if winter is approaching, there is no better time than the present to upgrade your wardrobe with a new denim jacket. This will keep you warm and comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. However, rather than just any jacket, one is recommended to that not os …

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Denim shades

Why Are Jeans Blue?

There  are two main reasons why denim or jeans, in particular, are blue in colour we shall consider each in details The jeans are blue in colour is because of the dye. Some believe the original fabric was blue sailcloth stained with indigo from India. Unlike other traditional dyes, which infiltrate textile fibres when heated, …

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