some denim stretches when washed.

Can Denim Stretch?

As denim shrinks quickly after washing and drying, but do you want to know whether denim can stretch or not? I am going to talk about it in detail. So, let’s start.

Jeans can be fickle, and even if you buy them from a high-end label, the quality and fit can change. They shrink or stretch depending on how you use them, how they’re washed and dried, and the fabric they’re made of. 

Do jeans stretch?

Regardless of brand or price, Jeans have one thing in common: they stretch and become baggy over time. Fortunately, by identifying the different kinds of denim fabrications depending on the size of the denim, you can determine how quickly it stretches out or how much stretch it has.

100% Cotton:

100% cotton denim fabric always stretches out, no matter what you do. The cotton strands expand and don’t return to their original state without any stretch in the fabric.

However, one way to restore its original size is to wash and dry it on hot. However, it returns indefinitely and will stretch out once more.

Another essential fact about cotton jeans is that they stretch between one and 1.5 inches after three months of regular use.

Cotton-Polyester Blends:

This denim is made up of 60% cotton & 40% polyester. This type of denim blend is no longer common in jeans, but it was popular during the Rock and Republic era.

It is the denim blend that doesn’t stretch out very much. In other words, it maintains its size and shape, and due to the lack of stretch, it tends to run smaller.

However, this denim blend is stiff and not the most comfortable. Because of the fabrication, it can cause a lot of gapping at the waist back.

98/2 Stretch Mixtures:

Denim made of 98 % cotton and 2% elastane or lycra stretch slightly more than denim entirely made of cotton. They always stay stretched when they stretch out. Unlike cotton denim, you can’t get them back to their original shape, which means they loosen up after a few wears.

To get as much out of these types of jeans, get the smallest size possible. Wear them only a few times until the stretch is gone, and they are the perfect fit for you. However, you should not wash them on hot because the 2% elastic material will break, causing them to stretch out too much.


These are very stretchable and comfortable, but they require special attention. They tend to stretch out and sag.

Some less expensive brands stretch out quickly, while others are made of high-quality fabrics that stretch only slightly. Their quality and stretch are also affected by how much you wear them.

Four-Way Stretch Denim:

Yoga pants and DL1961 jeans are examples of four-way stretch denim. These are soft and stretchy, just like jeggings. However, made of thicker materials. Because they are elastic in four different directions, these jeans will not sag or lose their shape. They also return to their original state.

How to stretch out jeans:

There are numerous ways to stretch out denim, but I have shared the effective ones:

Make use of your Hands:

If your jeans are too tight because they shrank in the wash, experts recommend stretching them out with your head. Yes, it’s true.

“I pull the jeans over my head and my shoulders. Consider draping a scarf over your head with each end encompassing your ears, “Horton informs us. “Then I grab the ends of the jeans with one hand, hold the other half of the stuff steady on my head with the other hand, and stretch and pull!”

Your head, according to Horton, provides a kind of strength and balance that allows you to pull harder and farther. As a result, pull on the jeans as hard as possible, release, and repeat five times per leg.

‘Bake’ Your Denim:

The trend of “baking” jeans dates back to the 1970s. It entails spritzing your jeans with a spray bottle full of vodka or lukewarm salt water, turning on the damp pair, and having some time in the sun until they completely dry on your body. You can bake almost anything these days, including your denim, from cakes to makeup.

“During the ‘baking’ process, be sure to break them. Squat, bend down, stretch, and (if you can) practice cartwheels/handstands!” The result will be a pair of stretch jeans that have been molded to your body while still allowing your favorite denim to stretch naturally for maximum comfort.

Use a Waistband Stretcher:

Yes, there is such a thing. According to NYC-based personal and fashion stylist Lana Blanc, waistband stretchers are comparable to the device used to stretch shoes, and even as silly as the contraption seems, she swears it works when trying to stretch jeans.

Blanc says, “I’ve had clients gain up to an inch on their waist and more in their wallet.” “Simply dampen the waistband with lukewarm water, insert the stretcher, and flip the handle to expand the waistband. I like to leave it in overnight, but if you need more than just an inch, you can check in every few hours and give it a few more turns.”

Do Some Stretch:

According to Vanessa Chu, co-founder of Stretch*d, “no matter what area you’re hoping to expand, there’s an exercise suited to stretch out your denim.” (Plus, you get a good workout.) For example, Chu suggests standing or sitting and placing one hand behind your head while reaching your other arm straight down the other side to expand the waistline. Reach down as far as you can, then return to open the side body, hip flexors, and obliques, giving you more waist room.

“Your jeans, like your muscles, need to ease into and out of the stretch to create space safely,” Chu says. “Movement lubricates and relaxes joints, muscles, and inseams.” Each stretch must be held for 2-3 seconds and repeated 6-8 times, one side at a time, to give extra room in your jeans and a more limber lower body!”


So finally, we conclude that denim can be stretched. If your denim pants shink after one or two wash, you can use the above-mentioned methods to stretch.