Denim shades

Why Are Jeans Blue?

There  are two main reasons why denim or jeans, in particular, are blue in colour we shall consider each in details The jeans are blue in colour is because of the dye. Some believe the original fabric was blue sailcloth stained with indigo from India. Unlike other traditional dyes, which infiltrate textile fibres when heated, […]

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a stack for denim jeans

The Origin of Jeans

While historians disagree on origin of jeans or where denim originated, the fabric was classified as a twill weave cloth with a single colored thread and one white thread. It is usually assumed that it was ‘produced’ in Nîmes, France. Serendipity had a hand in it. The fabric weavers of Nîmes discovered they had created

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Denim history as shown in black and white old school attire.

History of Denim Jeans?

The history of denim started when servicemen  from the United States transported their favourite denim pairs overseas during WWII in the 1940s. Despite the fact that the manufacturing of denim workwear dropped during the war due to a scarcity of raw materials, the end of the war marked the beginning of a change in attitude.

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Asians wearing denim jeans

Why do Japanese love denim jeans?

College students from Japan in the 1950s started exploring the various stores at United States small military camps, where they had been exposed to American items plus culture, involving denim and other different fashions. This made Japanese love for denim since developing into a passion for worn, ancient denim. Big John (Maruo Clothing) decided to

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